Welcome Yuukii60 & Hiiva!

Welcome Yuukii60 & Hiiva!

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We are happy to announce the arrival of Yuuki60 as AD carry, and Hiiva as support. Masterwork meanwhile enters sub.

The team hopes to quickly establish itself in the various French lans, before the Challenger Series.




Yuuki60 was mainly made known at G2 eSports. More recently he starred in the Misfits team, the role of AD carry. Today, the French player 25 Millenium joined to the post.






Hiiva meanwhile to play in different teams. And even if he made a brief appearance in Gambit Gaming in 2014, it is mainly in the Renegades team: Banditos or Team Forge that we have seen evolve the Finnish media.




We wish our two newcomers Yuuki60 and Hiiva welcome in Millenium, and we hope that like us, you look forward to see them in action!

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  1. W-Zar

    Seriously? Masterwork is gone :(
    R.I.P. Millenium, strange descisions. Should have kept Masterwork and Tabbz and kicked Djoko