Welcome Tabzz!

Welcome Tabzz!

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Since DreamHack Tours 2016, Erik « Tabzz » van Helvert has got his bearings within Millenium as a substitute.


He had managed to carry the whole team through his own experience of former LCS player. As we come closer to the European Challenger Series in summer, it has been decided to keep things moving forward with Tabzz around. The latter has been by the team’s side for a few days at the players’ new Gaming House. The team has given careful consideration regarding the matter and has eventually decided to give up on Hans Sama who will not be old enough to take part in the upcoming Ups & Downs in the event that Millenium qualifies.

Hans – Ancien Carry AD de l’équipe
I’m obviously sad I didn’t succeed in qualifying to the LCS with Millenium at the beginning of the year, and I’d like to apologize to all the fans we may have disappointed. Joining Misfits is now a new challenge for me, and of course I wish all the best to Millenium for this upcoming new split of the Challenger Series ! Eager to see you soon on the rift ! Thanks to all the fans !

It was a pleasure to cooperate with Millennium and finding common goals. Hans has a unique talent which should be nurtured — and it will be at Misfits. We believe we have reached the best solution for everyone involved and look forward to the start of the Challenger Series, where Hans will be starting in our lineup” says Ben Spoont, new owner of Misfits

Ben Spoont, new owner of Misfits



Having stumbled at the gates of the LCS, the team gets back on track for the 2016 Challenger Series Summer Split which should kick off very soon. With new teams arriving in the league, the competition promises to be even fiercer than last split’s.


With Tabzz’s experience as former LCS player, the team has stacked the odds in its favor in order to take this new split in the best conditions. You can cheer on Millenium every Tuesday on LoL TV.


If you want to learn more about the players, you can visit the League of Legends team section.

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