Welcome Pavel!

Welcome Pavel!

Team HS bcg-hearthstone

After strengthening our lineup Hearthstone last month with the arrival of Vinz as a player and coach, this time it is a new step we are trying to cross with the recruitment of the best European players of the moment, Pavel .


Pavel is a Russian Beltiknov 18 player who distinguished himself on several occasions during the past two years on the stage eSport Hearthstone and particularly in recent weeks, as part of four European players qualified for the finals of the championships the world will begin on 26 October.


This recruitment poster our motivation and will to settle on the eSport scene Hearthstone achieving better performance in European and global majors. Having the chance to align a Pavel talented player in our line-up, we will increase the opportunities for you to live closer international competitions which are often on a format of invitations where the French players are often put aside.


Pavel is a player who has always distinguished itself in the HCT all throughout the year. He was even very close to qualify for the finals of the Winter, Spring and Summer Tour, to finally achieve during the Last Call Europe. He posted an impressive control and composure during the Last Call, especially when he faced Romanian Rdu, in the final. Palmares of Pavel consists of a victory at Hearthstone Champions League (Season 2) and some Top 10 (DreamHack Austin or Europe WCA 2016). Outside the tournaments, this is a player who is regularly present in the Top 100 of the European ladder every month, which allowed him to validate his points to participate in the Last Call and thus qualify for Blizzcon. Before joining us, Pavel had other teams during his career Hearthstonienne, Team Empire and ANOX.




Glad to announce that I’ve join to millenium. Looking forward to play as a member of this amazing community. Thanks to all the new fans from Millenium community for their support.




Pavel carry our colors at the beginning of the final phase of the World Championships to be held from October 26 to 30, then from 4 to 5 November. He must leave the group stages by finishing at least second in its group. His opponents will HotMEWOTH American, Korean and Chinese DDaHyoNi OmegaZero. We already offer to find the decks that he will use during the competition.

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