Welcome back Maverick

Welcome back Maverick

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The Belgian prodigy is back for good !

Six months ago, Michaël “Maverick” Looze ended his career as Hearthstone professional player within Millenium after deciding to resume his studies… A wise decision that still saddened not only the structure but also many of his loyal fans.

Indeed, even though he always remained in the spotlight through several competitions such as Millstones or Gamers Assembly, his very presence on the stage turned out to be harder to deal with than expected.

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All things considered, the Belgian player who had once won GamersOrigin Cup #2 eventually went back on his decision and officially announced his return on the professional stage under the purple jacket.

No sooner had he returned than he started aiming at new heights, namely the European Preliminaries for the Spring Championship.

HS World Championship

As many people know, I had ended my career as Hearthstone professional player last October in the purpose of resuming my studies. Several theories came up as to my decision to come back within Millenium six months later, here are the reasons.

In the first place, I never felt confident as regards my future. Millenium gave me the opportunity to put this concern aside for a time so that I could only focus on competitions and gain as much experience as possible in the matter.

It indeed worked for a while, until the doubts I had once warded off came back in strength, so I opted for the wiser choice.

Even though my motivation was half-buried, I knew how much my studies meant to my parents. Their opinion has always mattered to me and they found it more appropriate to continue my studies instead of my professional career.

When I came back from Belgium, we had a discussion about it and they realized how happy I was when it came to competitions and streaming.

From that point, I had two options. This was a difficult decision to make, often emotional, which would have an impact on my future. Therefore, I let my heart overcome my mind and after speaking with Llewellys, I decided to return where I’ve always belonged, to Millenium’s.

Some might think the past months were a waste of time, I like to think of it more as a gain of maturity and an awareness that Millenium has always given me everything I needed.

As of today, I’m back in game more motivated than ever to achieve as much as I possibly can alongside Millenium.


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