WCA 2016 EU Qualifier: ShoWTimE advances to the Playoffs

WCA 2016 EU Qualifier: ShoWTimE advances to the Playoffs

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The World Cyber Arena, one of the major organizers of global eSports competitions, is off to a 2016 edition which promises to be livelier than ever.


As this premier competition no longer needs any introduction, it is now well-known that such disciplines as CS:GO, Hearthstone, WarCraft III or StarCraft II are included in this long-awaited event.

From the various regional qualifiers which will be over in a little while, 10 players will have the honour to attend the Global Finals in Yinchuan, China in December 2016.




Like China, Asia-Pacific and North America, Europe has every intention of taking a share of the featured $200,000 prize pool.
For this purpose, the Old Continent has been delivered 2 slots which are already coveted by numerous European players who have still not stopped fighting for them since the beginning of the month.


On August 25th-27th, the European Qualifier will consist of two Open Qualifiers, whose respective four winners then advance to the Main Event. Its current number of participants doubles up as an extra 8 players are invited directly to form a 16-player Group Stage.

German Protoss player Tobias “ShoWTimE” Sieber therefore took this opportunity to come out on top of Group B and to qualify for the Playoffs. There, he will face Harstem in the Quarter-Finals as his first “serious” opponent. May this stage not be the last, a $15,000 prize pool as well as a Global Finals spot are at stake.

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