VortiX and ForGG qualify for IEM San José

VortiX and ForGG qualify for IEM San José

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Sunday 19 of October, VortiX and ForGG both qualified for the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters.

The last IEM event of the year, IEM San José, will be held in a huge stadium in California, for the very first time in the history of the ESL competition. Needless to say, most international are eager to attend what is viewed as one of the most exciting esports events of the year.

The European qualifier took place this week-end and saw the best continental players battle in a two stage qualifier. VortiX and ForGG were both invited directly to the Stage 2 alongside TLO, Snute, MMA, First, YoDa and Welmu. Although the Millenium players had fair chances to qualify, no one would have ever bet on the final result.




The first strike came from VortiX the comet. The Spanish had no time to lose and sprinted through the winner bracket without dropping a single map ! Eliminating Happy, Snute, Sacsri and First as if they were low masters players.

ForGG on the other hand, had it a bit harder. Having dropped to the loser’s bracket round 2 by Sacsri’s fault, he managed to beat every single opponent until finally reaching that qualifying slot. Harstem, Snute, both TCM players YoDa and First, and of course Sacsri off whom he got revenge, ForGG thereby confirmed that his DreamHack Top 4 was no coincidence.

The upcoming Asia, US and American qualifiers will tell us which other players VortiX and ForGG will face in California. One thing is sure though : we are already immensely proud of them !



If you want to learn more about the players, you can visit the StarCraft II team section.


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