Torlk qualifies for Millstone PGW

Torlk qualifies for Millstone PGW

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On Wednesday, October 14th, occurred the second qualifying tournament for next Millstone which will take place at PGW.


This brand new Millstone will turn out to be a special edition which will gather the best French players from the HS ranking.

hs_torlk_2015Our Team Pro Millenium’s player Torlk has once again seized the opportunity to grab one of the last 6 spots. It is from now on done through his victory over this qualifier, enabling him to reach the final stage of Millstone !

During the first game, Torlk decided to pick his favorite class, Druid, which had enabled him to rise to the top of the European ladder in January 2015. From the mulligan, he set his first “caviar” pull, by successfully playing Dr Boom in the 2nd round. This first game was really brief and his opponent Shadoopy had to give in to the emperor.

But the game of the evening opposed him to the Team Gamers Origin’s player Lowelo, in which they both proved that eSport was also, and above all, great rounds.

According to our streamer Bestmarmotte, who was casting this qualifier on Millenium TVHS, that was one of the most rare and unforgettable matches he was grateful to attend over the last months. Both players shew a successful gameplay, along with a touch of magic and a Top Deck whose secret is owned by Torlk only. They eventually managed to end this world-class game with a victorious Millenium player who even congratulated his opponent warmly.





Thereafter, Torlk could rest and appreciate a good tea on mere few notes of his famous “Ameno”, awaiting the quarter finals, and many of you will wonder what his favorite beverage tasted like.



Facing Dizdemon from Team BeGenius in quarter finals proved to be a tight game, but it’s obvious that last night nothing would get Torlk and his combativeness down, the qualification was undoubtedly on his side. The Guntofire also bore the consequences of it, with a brutal 3-0, a welcome present from Torlk in semi-finals.

It was an evening fulfilled with emotion and surprise from our French players, but another qualifying evening remains before having the sublime pleasure to see our player and streamer Torlk again at Millstone PGW. Let us wish him to win this competition once again and thus write a new chapter of his legend.


If you want to learn more about the players, you can visit the Hearthstone team section.

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