Michaël Looze
Age : 22
Country :
Favourite class :
My tips

My advice for new players is to watch streams in order to know the decks adapted to the meta. Don't hesitate to change 2 or 3 cards if it fits your gamestyle better. From that point, there's no secret : you need hours of practice to acquire the good reactions (anticipate the possible plays of your opponent, how to not play your silence too early in case you need it later on, ...).

Premier tournament
  • 1stHearthstone FestivalJuly 2016
  • Top8DremHack SummerJune 2016
  • Top16DreamHack SummerJune 2015
  • 3rdHS Ranking FRMay 2015
  • Top16DreamHack BucharestApril 2015
  • 1stHS RankingApril 2015
  • Top4SeatStory Cup IIIApril 2015
  • Top8Battle of the Best IIIFebruary 2015
  • Top12DreamHack WinterNovember 2014
  • 1stColyseum Cup (Team league)October 2014
  • 1stGamers Origin Cup #2October 2014

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