Tabzz and LeDuck leave Millenium

Tabzz and LeDuck leave Millenium

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Millenium has failed to qualify for the LCS after their first match in the Promotion Tournament which resulted in a 3-2 loss against ROCCAT.


As close as this clash was, the purple squad has no other choice but to return to Challenger Series for another split. If they strive for excellence, then our players will be able to take another shot in the 2017 Spring Split Promotion Tournament.


This may seem like a lifetime, the team must react very quickly to get prepared for next year. Here are the first decisions which have been taken. As Tabzz’s contract has already come to an end, the latter is not renewing with Millenium and is now moving on to other projects. The same goes for LeDuck who has also decided to leave the organization and wait for new opportunities.


Tabzz, Millenium’s ex-AD Carry



“My contract ended after relegations and I am now a free agent and will look to explore my options. We may not have been able to pull through to the LCS but I still want to thank Millenium, LeDuck and my teammates for their efforts and friendship the last months. I wish all of them good luck !”




LeDuck, Millenium’s ex-Head Coach

leduck“When I was asked to join Millenium towards the end of the split, I realized from the start it was going to be a tough road. There were lots of leaks to fix and Band-Aids to give out, but getting the team in shape for Playoffs and Relegation ended up being a very rewarding experience. Hard work allowed us to push an LCS team to the very edge and while it ended up not being enough to make that final step, I am certain that the players will find their way into the LCS one way or another. I want to thank Millenium for giving me this chance, but for now I would like to declare myself as a free agent and look for new opportunities. I wish the organization and the players the very best for the future.”



Samishh, Millenium’s Team Manager

samish_mannager_Millenium“We would like to thank LeDuck and Tabzz for spending the last months with us. The objective has always and clearly been to reach the LCS, no matter how. As draft time is coming up soon, I wish them both the very best in their future endeavors. Perhaps one day our paths will cross, I will always cherish very good memories of working with them. As far as the team is concerned, the players are now taking some vacation before French competitions resume. As we must wait next year to get back to Challenger Series, French competitions are now our major concern. We will keep you informed in the weeks to come. Thanks a lot for your support. We have noticed how it has been helpful during our games. You rock !”



It is thus on these last words that Tabzz, LeDuck and Millenium have, on friendly terms, parted ways. Thanks to them, we wish them all the best in their future projects.

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