Smooth start for Millenium

Smooth start for Millenium

Team LoL NEW Bandeau Challenger Series

Promising start for our purple players who bring back their first victory.

Last Tuesday kicked off the 2016 EU Challenger Series Spring Split and as good supporters, you should already know how undeniably our purple players have gotten off to a flying start.

In any event, the tournament has greeted 6 remarkable teams which are all really keen on proving to be worthy of our expectations. They will battle it out over the next month for a chance to secure their spot to the ardently coveted LCS.

In this respect, Millenium faithfully carried out the first week without a hitch against Team Huma. Indeed, the Bo2 turned out to be a successful clash for Djoko and his team-mates since they won both games.

M VS Huma CS Game 2 Week1

Aside from the epanalepsis, Masterwork’s master strokes blew our mind with admirable actions throughout the whole showdown, whether in the bottom lane with Hans sama or in the jungle with Djoko, as shown in this video.

As a matter of course, it’s not as if this victory was one of a kind. Obviously, we are getting used to this classic which has only stated loud and clear that Millenium was definitely a notch above its opponent.

Hence the idea to wait next Tuesday to see Millenium forging ahead and make the difference against mousesports before establishing any power rankings.

schedule week2 EUCS


Thank you for being such a loyal audience and see you next Tuesday for an upcoming hopeful purple victory.


Team LoL

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