Slight stumbling for Millenium

Slight stumbling for Millenium

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No more leadership for the purple squad who falls to Inspire eSports.

While Djoko and his team-mates were remaining undefeated, last Tuesday’s European Challenger Series weren’t in a purple mood. But don’t worry dear loyal fans, our beloved squad still stands at the podium although settling for the place just below.

Indeed, even though leading the rankings for the first three competitive weeks, Millenium eventually faced their undefeated runner-up Inspire eSports, and as a result, a 2-0 showdown in favor of the German structure as well as a first position.

EUCS2016 rankings week4

As we’re always seeking details and reassurance, we had the pleasure to interview Djoko and his coach, the one and only Shanei, who both gave us some information regarding this slight fall.

According to our Jungler, the team definitely flagged due to unsuitable circumstances and a lack of preparation. As he mentioned in the beginning, the team was getting used to the leadership since the players have not seen a single defeat for more than a few months. Besides, our Coach likewise responded since he reported that both a lack of training and an overall tiredness from Pretty and Hans clearly caused this little slump.

Nevertheless, this minor lapse won’t prevent Millenium from going to the Playoffs. Only one week left against SK Gaming before the major and serious challenge, to which the purple squad will have to reassert itself at its height.

EUCS2016 schedule week5


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