Seany parts ways with Millenium Hope

Seany parts ways with Millenium Hope

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Last January, British players Insight and Seany joined Millenium Hope alongside Carbon and ZeeK.


Since no French talents were meeting their expectations, they consequently turned to a couple of young British players to complete the roster. Promising and effective against Call of Duty’s top teams, Millenium Hope managed to operate without too much trouble, despite the language barrier and a few communication issues. Last February, Millenium Hope made their first appearance on stage at SFCO BO3 #2 and surprisingly finished as runner-up in the WB’s Finals against their British counterparts Tommey, Swanny, Jurd and MadCat. Even though this loss was quite expected, Millenium Hope sent a strong message which has spread all over Europe.





The following month, Carbon, ZeeK, Seany and Insight won their first title at Gamers Assembly but unfortunately were then affected by the lack of European competitions for 18-. Not allowed to compete in the CWL, our young players settled for SFCO events but therefore started to lack motivation and concrete objectives. As a consequence, what happened next was far more upsetting. Less trained, less talented individually and less effective collectively, Millenium Hope notched up two disappointing Top 3 at SFCO BO3 #3 and SFCO Pro Amateur with Defrag as ZeeK’s substitute for the event. The players couldn’t stand such a situation any longer, which resulted in Seany’s departure. In November, Seany will be 18 and has already thought a lot about attempting to join the CWL IW as he couldn’t do so when he was by our side.


Seany and Samishh gave us a few words of explanation about his departure :


Sean “Seany” O’Connor – Former Millenium Hope Player

I decided to part ways with Millenium Hope, as I wanted to move on and focus on my self as a player for the next game. As I’ll be 18 I wanted to be stress free going into Infinite Warfare, so I could focus on getting in the CWL. This departure was decided weeks ago but has come to effect now thanks for the support from all the Millenium fans and wish Insight, ZeeK, Carbon & Samishh the best in the future.


samish_mannager_MilleniumSamy “Samishh” Mazouzi – Millenium eSports Manager

Working with Sean over the last months has been a real pleasure and I believe he had a positive experience with Millenium Hope. I’d like to thank and congratulate him for his great contribution. I wish him the best in the future, all the more so as he will be 18 in November. As far as Millenium Hope is concerned, you’ll be kept informed about the team and the upcoming plans, starting with the upcoming stage for 18+ players.



Carbon, ZeeK and Insight are still playing for Millenium Hope and are now looking for a new team-mate in September. For his part, Seany is, by far, one of the most talented young British players. He contributed significantly to the team and we wish him the best in his future career. Best of luck Sean!


Skyyper &Yann

If you want to learn more about the players, you can visit the Call of Duty team section.

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