Road to Lyon e-Sport #9

Road to Lyon e-Sport #9

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Millenium rocks the city for miles.

After months of preparation, the 9th edition of the French eSports organization Lyon e-Sport eventually came into being in the last weekend of February within the highly valued auditorium of Lyon, the Palais des Sports.

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In this unique event, 320 players, or shall we say 64 teams, were up to the challenge. They battled it out mercilessly until reaching, for the toughest, the brackets and later taking, for the wildest, top spots on the podium, with a 15 000€ cash prize to share into the bargain.

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As a reminder, that was none other than the dead and buried Imaginary Gaming that had come out victorious over the last edition. A year later, we tend to repeat what is familiar since its former players’ new crew, namely Millenium, has eventually be awarded the title of undisputed champion at the close of this 9th edition of Lyon e-Sport, in addition to the 8000€ cash prize as a leading contender for the highest step.

Clash Millenium RNG Lyon e-Sport #9

Further to an absolute flawless track throughout the tournament, Djoko & Co.’s purple squad once more clashed with Renegade Banditos twice in a row not only in Winner Bracket Final but in Grand Final as well. Unsurprisingly, Millenium confidently prevailed over its opponent in a very clear 3-0 which definitely speaks for itself, just as their showdown for a place in Challenger Series did.

Millenium Champion Lyon e-Sport #9

In this way, our five French purple legends keep getting closer and closer to ascending, seeing as their objective remains unchanged, the doors to LCS are definitely the faint light at the end of the tunnel.


Many thanks to all players as well as to our 5 casters, namely Lege, Tweekz, Doigby, ImSoFresh and Le Roi Bisou, who set alight the Palais des Sports and warmed up its attendant crowd, without whom none of this would have been possible.



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