Road to 2016 EU Challenger Series

Road to 2016 EU Challenger Series

Team LoL Bandeau Challenger Series

Millenium heads straight for the qualifiers.

Overcoming the Open Qualifier Tournament, Battlegrounds, in early January, Millenium takes a step forwards in their quest, thus being the first EUW team along with Team Huma to join the qualifiers.


Besides the two lowest teams from 2015 Challenger Series Summer Split, Overclockers UK and Ex Nihilo, our West European players will be challenged once confronted to EUNE squads, Illuminar Gaming and Wonder Stag e-Sports, in addition to National League winners, Mysterious Monkeys from Germany, Syndrom Kubyda from Poland and GIANTS Underdoges from Spain.

New CS Format

As for the format, players are split into two single-elimination brackets with four teams in each one. Seeding into brackets is random, but each of the two Challenger Series teams, as well as the top team from EUW and EUNE, will be drawn into different brackets.

Here is an example of the EU Challenger Series Qualifiers with one of the randomized outcomes :

EU bracket CS Qualifiers

It’s through Best of 3 matches that the EU Challenger Series Qualifiers Brackets Stage will occur, with the Finals being a Best of 5. The winners of each bracket will secure a spot in the 2016 EU Spring Challenger Series.

We all stand united behind our purple players, just a few days left before the ruthless Qualifiers, taking place on January 12-20.


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