One game before Prague for Maverick!

One game before Prague for Maverick!

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He is left with one game to hope to fly to Prague. Who will be his opponent? Go from 21h to monitor its ultimate duel!


One of the players currently in the Winner Bracket will inevitably end up against him, but who? And he will have his chances? Obviously yes, Maverick has already proven many times that he had of the resource, a good reading of the game and his opponents a great knowledge of the meta tournaments. As good elsewhere on the stage as the eSports Ladder Maverick should not have major difficulties today, although it can potentially be faced with one of the monsters of the Bracket, but we are confident of its ability to get out of situations that seemed lost in advance. Furthermore, observant, we are confident that Maverick has taken the time to learn about its potential adversaries, and he knows already for many, clashing regularly in competition or on the Ladder at the highest level.




A day ahead so rich in emotion for our Millenium player, who has only a one and only chance to reach Prague, the glory and perhaps BlizzCon.

Let’s go Maverick !

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