Missa signs with the women’s CS:GO squad

Missa signs with the women’s CS:GO squad

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The ESWC 2016 being just around the corner, our squads are gearing up for one pf France’s greatest CS:GO tournaments of the year.


Though this morning we have announced xms and Mistou were leaving our men’s roster, the women’s has signed a new recruit within its ranks. Meyssa “Missa” Bellouati joins Millenium CS:GO to replace Mar1on’s last June’s left-empty seat. Younger, less experienced but no less talented, Missa has proved her worth over the past two years with Epsilon and Team LDLC. In this respect, she has rised one step at a time as one of the best French CS:GO player. She therefore joins Torka, SaAku and MiTsu to shine in Millenium’s colours by the end of the year with the ESWC as the main objective.




Accustomed to operate as a 5-player squad since the beginning, the organization has decided to sign Sophia “DiAmond” Gonçalves-Lurienne as new head coach. Here are Torka’s clarification about these changes :


Déborah “Torka” Teissonière – Millenium CS:GO’s Captain


Once Mar1on had left the team, we were in great need of a player who would meet our expectations. Meyssa “Missa” Bellouati has turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. She is young and displays a great potential which has already proven itself at many tournaments. It’s with great pleasure that we welcome her with our ranks. Also, with the ESWC Qualifier occuring in a few months, we have come to realize that we were missing a Head Coach who would guide us and therefore enable us to focus only on our team-play. Sophia “DiAmond” Gonçalves-Lurienne will hold this new position by our side and, once again, we are all very glad to welcome her among us.

Last but not least, I again thank Millenium for their trust ! It’s always a great pride and real pleasure to were these colours.


Welcome to Millenium Missa and DiAmond ! The team will be back in service as of September 10-11 to claim a ticket for Paris Games Week as well as the ESWC Finals in the course of an online qualifying tournament.

 Yann B.

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