Millenium wins Challenge France 2016

Millenium wins Challenge France 2016

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No worries for our LoL squadron which wins the tournament hands down.

Initially set up last year by the French Community Coordinator Riot Jinkgo, Challenge France had been a knockout success which had seen the ex-blazing Imaginary Gaming alongside Sardoche prevailing over Infamous eSport in Grand Final.

What could be better than bringing such a hit up for 2016 ?

Promises are made to be kept, and our dear organizers, namely Riot, Lyon e-Sport and Coca-Cola, did it perfectly.


In a nutshell, 8 competing teams, 6 coming from the Ranked Team Ladder, namely Melty Esport Club, E2G, The Gentle Team, Katrina FR, E-Gaulois and Infamous eSport, in addition to 2 others, Millenium and Mad Theory, showing up from the qualifiers. Into the bargain, such an outstanding show was assigned a 10 000€ cash prize to share between the 3 brave teams featuring on the podium.

The Grand Final was held last Friday, February 26th, at the Palais des Sports of Lyon, where the two finalists, Millenium and Infamous eSport, clashed on stage in front of an eager and delirious crowd that wanted action.


Definitely cursed for the second year running, the Spartan line-up received a harsh sentence of 3-0 by the purple squad which did not shudder at all throughout the Bo5. Feeling highly confident, Kaze actually confessed to expecting the victory but to him, the real purpose of their results was to show to the French public that Millenium has the resources to compete at an international level, or in other words, at LCS.


Flawless track record for the purple players who once again shew a great display of talent, let’s do that again at Lyon e-Sport #9 and the week would definitely be a feat in itself.



Many thanks to not only the amazing casters from Millenium and O’Gaming who perfectly set the mood but also to you, dear public and viewers, who set on fire the event which, without you, would not be possible.


Team LoL

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