Millenium signs xms and Mistou

Millenium signs xms and Mistou

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Millenium’s CS:GO team has gone through a long construction period since their first steps in late 2015.


Formerly built around the fxy0, MaJ3r and Sixer trio, the squad has been playing with various duos over recent months and has experienced more or less success as the tournaments went by. The latest was a great achievement with mSx and veteran Harts who got back to their former level of proficiency in Counter-Strike. Champions of the Gamers Assembly, Millenium seemed to have enough potential to take over the French sub-top but, against all odds, our players eventually faced difficulties in setting their own team-play. Pretty confident on the French stage, this roster failed in their attempt to cross the European line. A frustrating defeat to Finnish ENCE eSports had deprived Millenium of a qualification for the DreamHack CS:GO European Minor in Tours, France.




To deal with this disappointment, the MaJ3r, Sixer and fxy0 trio wanted to bring some fresh air and strength to B Side with two new soldiers. Thus, Platinium’s former players xms and Mistou have been wearing the purple jacket since the beginning of the ESL National Championship. After four weeks of competition, Millenium is now ranking third in the standings alongside Team LDLC as well as RedInstinct with 5 wins and 2 losses. This has been a satisfactory regular season overall and the Finals will occur this weekend at Futuroscope, Poitiers. As the Playoffs approach, we’d like to formalise the recruitment of the xms-Mistou duo under our banner.


25466730773_7167bbc966_zMillenium thanks Harts for his unwavering commitment and professionalism throughout these few months spent with us. His experience as well as his unique talent enable the organization seize the French stage and to win the Gamers Assembly. As for mSx, he arrived much later but still also contributed a great deal on this issue. We thanks him too and wish both players all the best in the further course of their respective careers.


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