The End of a Dream

The End of a Dream

Team LoL NEW Bandeau Challenger Series

Unexpected outcome for the purple squad in the Playoffs Warfare.

While spring will sooner be over, the European LCS final standings are about to take shape once and for all.

As the most formidable teams will have the privilege to attend the Playoffs, the three weakest of the lot won’t be as fortunate since they will go through the Relegation and defend their LCS spot against the top two teams emerging from the Challenger Series Playoffs.



For informational purposes, the past six weeks of regular season gave rise to a lively battle between six structures, among which Team Huma, Inspire eSports, Copenhagen Wolves and Millenium have taken the step towards the Playoffs.

Standings Group Stage EUCS2016

Four competitors, two qualifying spots and a sizeable Grand Final, it’s through three Bo5 games that everything is going to be played out in this never-ending race for the LCS.

Regrettably, things have taken an unexpected turn that we wouldn’t have wished.

After coming back from a long way as well as suffering much hardship to get to this point, the fate of Millenium has ended in tragedy on this particular Wednesday evening, since the purple squad has been wiped out from the Semi-Finals by Copenhagen Wolves through a heartbreaking 0-3 to watch.

Playoffs EU CS 2016

It’s therefore the Danish structure and Team Huma that will attend the Up & Down alongside three LCS teams, a promising showdown with three available spots at stake.

Berlin won’t be well-remembered following this deep disappointment, especially for our unfortunate purple players, Kaze, Djoko, Pretty, Hans and Masterwork, who not only must shoulder the weight of such a failure, all together, but now need to get away from it all before getting back on track.


But as they said in the game, sometimes out of the worst comes the best. #MFighting


Team LoL

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