Millenium embraces its femininity

Millenium embraces its femininity

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The new purple ladies seize the CS:GO section with a brand new roster.

Last December ended the year on a high note since the purple flag is well and truly back on Counter Strike further to the recruitment of a brand new roster.

Nowadays, such an enjoyment has endured as the latter will no longer remain the single one to embody the purple structure on Valve’s gem.

Indeed, we officially announce the launch of the women’s team on CS:GO among our ranks.

Millenium saw a gold mine in getting hold of Melty eSports Club’s whole former line-up, which included the one and only Mar1on, who kindly granted us an exclusive interview, and her team-mates CLA, SaAku, MiTsu and TORKA.

roster csgo filles

Under such new circumstances, there is no doubt that the purple ladies will definitely become a predominant team at both a French and European level since they already have a strong track record.

Triumphant at Playing Ducks Masters 2015 and more than once in the top of several rankings such as at ESWC Montreal, Copenhagen Games Female, Open Paris Games Week 2015 but also PLX France, it’s with great honor that the purple squad will raise its flag at IEM Katowice in a couple of weeks on March 4 and 6.


Team CS

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