Millenium.CoD Top 9/12 at CoDXP

Millenium.CoD Top 9/12 at CoDXP

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The Millenium team Tommey, Madcat, Swanny Jurd and flew to Los Angeles and participate in the Call of Duty World League Championship from September 1 to 4.


Day 3: Millenium finishes top 9/12 of the Call of Duty World League Championship

Impressive during the first day, Mochila and his teammates of Team Allegiance were eliminated narrowly by Luminosity Gaming in winner bracket. As the match seemed rather balanced on paper, Millenium had no chance to his opponents and inflicted a severe sweep to advance to the second round of the loser bracket. A first crucial victory for confidence and initiate a rise in LB.

Unfortunately for our team, the mastodon FaZe was defeated by EnVyUs and therefore presented on its way, no matter from the Millenium match would have to eliminate one of the two best teams of the tournament so far to keep dreaming. Clayster face and hers, our players have made a HP quality despite the loss of the card prior to equalize at a SnD beautiful. The hype was short, however, for the purple structure with Uplink and perfectly mastered flag capture by the Americans thus eliminate Millenium.

Finished to a top 9/12 satisfactory given the circumstances, that COD Champs could have been that of consecration for our players when we see the level of play displayed by the team alongside a debauched player under 24 hours before the Worlds. #MFighting


Day 2: Millenium does not face reddened at the top NA

It’s a smooth recovery experienced by our players for the second day of competition. Opposed to young English Black Forest, Madcat, Jurd, Tommey MiRx and wasted no time and sent the match 3-0 to secure their qualification in the final bracket.

2 Seed of the group following the third victory of Splyce, M are faced with imposing Americans Rise of Nation in the first round of the winner bracket. Perfectly returned to their game, the Millenium win strategically. Like the game against Splyce, our players unfortunately unable to maintain their level and lose the next three cards to meet in the first round of the loser bracket facing Allegiance. The match was played on details but the Americans were able to clutch at the right times, in the image of the end of the Uplink Breach, perfectly controlled by Rise as Millennium had proved impregnable during a halftime .


Day 1: Start complicated but [M] saves the furniture

While the COD Fields had not even begun, the Millennium first experienced a setback with the announcement of the absence of Swanny for personal reasons. Orphans of their pillar to the AR, players recruited by M MiRx emergency, the world champion on Black Ops 2 with which they were able to train lightly before the start of hostilities.

Opposed to English of Splyce for their first group match, Tommey and his family have made a solid HP that allowed them to start the game perfectly. Unfortunately, the three cards were more complicated and our players were defeated. Obliged to win his other two meetings to continue competing, Millennium is remobilised and will challenge the American ex-TSM home EUnited. In a match delayed due to DDOS PS4 servers, our players went for the win by yielding only the Uplink 7 points to 8. Although the defeat Splyce is disappointing, the level of play shown during this first day reassures fans always a little skeptical after last minute replacement.



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