LeDuck becomes Millenium LOL new Head Coach!

LeDuck becomes Millenium LOL new Head Coach!

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Since the beginning of the European Challenger Series Summer Split, Millenium have been playing with new AD Carry Tabzz.


As for now, the team stands on the 2nd step of the podium one week away from the last Bo2 against current leader of the standings Misfits. Regardless of the outcome, Millenium will take part in the Playoffs of the competition. As there’s never a dull moment in this organization, new Head Coach LeDuck is going to fill Shainei’s spot on the squad. For many years, LeDuck has been training several teams, mostly in the LCS, such as Copenhagen Wolves, Team ROCCAT, Origen, and finally Challenger organization Inspire eSports (ex-Epsilon eSports). Our new German recruit answered our questions to introduce himself to the Millenium community.


samish_mannager_MilleniumSamishh - Millenium’s Team Manager

“We all wish to see Millenium back in the LCS but this is only feasible with the Challenger Series in the first instance. Therefore, we must do our utmost to help the players succeed.

In the previous statement on Tabzz joining Millenium, we had gambled on his own experience in order to help the team. Following consultation with the players, we soon realized that we could make progress on certain issues.

Today, we’re glad to announce the arrival of Titus “LeDuck” Hafner, our new head coach who needs no introduction after his time spent with Origen and Inspire eSports. We believe his experience within the LCS as well as his way to work can strenghten the team and help the players to reach their objective.

Millenium also congratulate Shanei for all the work he has done these last few years for the organization. We wish him all the very best for the future, coaching the team has not always been an easy task.”



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