Maverick wins Millstone #17

Maverick wins Millstone #17

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The Hearthstone event of the year is finally here !

Time for Millstone has arrived ! 

After two major successes within our premises and Paris Games Week, the Hearthstone flagship competition returned for a 17th edition on April 2-3 at Millenium‘s eSport Arena, in Paris.

Attending the party were 12 considered guests and 4 players coming from the qualifiers, all eager to claim a portion of the €2,000 prize pool at stake. 

Just from the list of contestants, this Millstone certainly looked promising :

After two days of fierce struggles, the long-awaited Grand Final came about through a clash of titans between Maverick, the almighty of the Winner’s Bracket, and Tixuty, the survivor of the Loser’s. 

With one Bo5 ahead, the Millenium conqueror felt pretty calm about the outcome. But this was without taking into account the Melty eSport Club element’s come back in the game, 3-2.

It’s a tie. Let’s start all over from scratch !

Maverick VS Tixuty

Well on his track, Tixuty kept thrashing the Belgian, 2-2.

Victory has never been so close.

Rising from the ashes, Maverick decided otherwise and bravely caught his opponent up.

Everything was about to come down to this last swing, but which of our two great finalists would rise ? 

Maverick prevails over Tixuty

Notwithstanding an indisputable equivalence, the struggle ended with Maverick‘s triumph, 3-2.

Dearly beloved, give it up for your champion of Millstone #17, Maverick 

Maverick champion


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