Maverick wins Hearthstone Festival!

Maverick wins Hearthstone Festival!

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The first edition of Hearthstone Festival concluded with Maverick’s outstanding victory.


27963257191_10bf8acfea_zAfter he ended up first of his group with a score of 6-1, Maverick prevailed in a quick but conclusive Ro32 against Uneed. The Ro16 didn’t give him that much trouble as he got rid of Arkham 3-1. As for the quarter-final, things got rough. Indeed, the upcoming champion  beat pAc 3-2 to reach the semi-final. He couldn’t expect more than a harsh 3-0 to clinch a Winner’s Bracket final spot which he eventually honoured with a score of 3-2 against Mitsuhide.



27450840434_209dcbe574_zTo win Hearthstone Festival, it’s necessary to get through two Bo5. As he came from the Winner’s Bracket, Maverick was already one step ahead. All he had to do was build on this advance to bring home the title and lift the cup. Like the Winner’s Bracket final, this intense Bo5 saw Maverick getting through it with, once again, a score of 3-2. Maverick becomes the first French player to prevail in a Blizzard’s major event. Such a well-deserved victory enables him to claim 15 HCT points as well as the €6,000 cash prize for the winner. Congratulations !



We extend our congratulations to our other two players, Yogg and Torlk, who finished Top 6 and Top 16 at Hearthstone Festival.



Lily  & Yann

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