Maverick is going to Prague!

Maverick is going to Prague!

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On October 3 and 4, Maverick will jet off to the capital of the Czech Republic to play the Road to BlizzCon Finals.


Maverick quickly put his opponent under pressure over the two first games, his playstyle was flawless and devoid of any misplay. Remaining strong, calm and absolutely certain of his decks and his choices, the Millenium player only came to focus on victory, no matter who would eventually be on his way.

Maverick_Millstone_GenèveKolento had better watch out, the Millenium player was starving ! Leading 2-0, Maverick made us holding our breath more than once. But Kolento was not going to let himself be pushed around a second time. Therefore, it is belligerently and by use of a pretty top deck that Kolento turned the situation around and made a strong comeback.

Caught up 2-2, the last game was going to be contested, Handlock against Druid. And as soon as the Mulligan came up, everybody started betting on Kolento but Maverick obviously ignored it and fortunately, thanks to his analytical mind and self-control.

Because a lot of effort was needed to go through this game, it was late, several days of competition and an exhausting loser bracket could have defaulted Maverick, but he didn’t let himself be overwhelmed and remained focused despite the pressure. This allowed him, in his turn, to reverse the trend and to secure victory.



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