Maverick in Prague this weekend

Maverick in Prague this weekend

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This weekend takes place the finals of European championships which take place in Prague, with our 8 players out on top of qualifications of the Road To BlizzCon.


Among them are our Maverick Millenium first player to the European top in points accumulated on the ladder. He sold her skin dearly facing the Ukrainian star Kolento, Cloud9 player of the team in a highly competitive BO5 which ended with the score 3-2 in favor of the French player. At his last appearance, he confessed to some trepidation, but we also showed its determination to clinch a place in the finals and why not win the Road to Blizzcon Europe.




The first two games, so players will compete in each group. And after these games, the winners rencontront to win one of two spots for Blizzcon. Second place of each group will be awarded to the winner of Looser Bracket.




What is he going to happen to Maverick? For now, we know the names of the other three players of his group: Ostkaka, ThijsNL and Hoej but it is still unclear who will be his opponent for his first game.
GSL last phase, the four players qualified for Blizzcon will meet in a single elimination Bracket will determine the champion of Europe Hearthstone 2015. A day that promises to be rich in emotion for our player and the entire structure Millenium.


If you want to learn more about the players, you can visit the Hearthstone team section.

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