MarineLorD and ShoWTimE at the WCS Summer

MarineLorD and ShoWTimE at the WCS Summer

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From August 12 to 14, the best 32 players of the WCS Circuit will meet in Montreal, Canada at the WCS Winter Championship.


This bunch of outstanding contestants will battle it out for the $150,000 cashprize, 11,000 WCS points but but above all for the last remaining ticket which grants direct access to the World Championship at Blizzcon in Anaheim, CA.


In the midst of this crazy cast, a couple of Millenium players are already in the starting blocks : ShoWTimE and MarineLorD.




The German Protoss, who’s actually the WCS champion, is one of the big favourites and it appears that he has already qualified for Blizzcon. This tournament means a lot to ShoWTimE who needs once again to dominate the “Foreignie” as a matter of self-confidence before resuming hostilities with the Koreans in November.




Mlord1As far as MarineLorD is concerned, Blizzcon is still a long way to go. After he successfully ranked second at DreamHack Valencia, the French Terran is still lagging behind in the standings and only a feat would enable him to qualify. Either he must win the WCS Summer Circuit Championship, or he must, at least, belong to the Top 4 players by next month, then qualify for the WCS in Mexico and, last but not least, take the title back home.


Unfortunately, the two Millenium players may belong to the favourites of the competition, they actually won’t both shine very long. As ShoWTimE and MarineLorD will meet respectively HeRoMaRinE and Charm, they should easily made it to the Ro16 and therefore face each other. If such a curse were to happen, let us hope that the “team-kill” survivor will go far more than this stage.





If you want to learn more about the players, you can visit the StarCraft II team section.

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