Lilbow and MarineLorD at the Gaming House

Lilbow and MarineLorD at the Gaming House

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The two Frenchmen arrived in Marseille last week. Their training is already showing very good results.

There are the numerous advantages for a team to own a gaming house. Korean teams realized it for a while, and Millenium did too: it is the perfect environment to maximize the player’s training by granting them best quality material and broadband, also favorizing positive emulation between teammates.

It is more than just a training place for the players: Millenium’s gaming house is the workplace for most of its employees and direct partners, allowing a constant social interaction and continual human presence. Unlike in Korean teams, players are not required to be on spot all the time but tend to prefer coming to the gaming house for bootcamps. It’s what MarineLorD and Lilbow are currently doing since last Friday and the results are already there.


lilbow_gh_fev_2015_2_hdLilbow and MarineLorD training.


Lilbow started his bootcamp in a very positive manner winning the Go4Sc2 #448, beating numerous famous names including his teammate MarineLorD, or the Zerg players Elazer, Tefel and Bly.

Monday was even more impressive with Millenium’s Protoss winning back to back the Lycan League #3 and a showmatch against MajOr during the Fight Night #7. Facing the Mexican Terran in both occasions, the French ended up on top beating him 6-2.

The rest of the week was a bit more disappointing as Lilbow failed to qualify for IEM Katowice and the Kung Fu Cup. He may have lost his chances to participate for the IEM but there is still hope for him to get a slot to compete in the Kung Fu Cup. For that he will have to improve his PvP, as he seems to be struggling against Protoss players at the moment.



They never stop competing !


MarineLorD‘s results are on the opposite: he gave a disappointing first impression but had a very solid following. He started his stay losing to his teammate in the early rounds of the Go4Sc2 #448.

However, he showed up on Monday winning his second title in a row in the Underdogs #15, a French competition happening every month with 600 € cash prize. For that he had to defeat team Nuit Blanche’s Protoss player, Ptitdrogo in final to retain his title.

The following day he unfortunately failed to qualify for the IEM Katowice, still showing a strong run with a victory against former WCS America champion Pigbaby and also beating Code S player Rogue, before losing against FantaSy 2 to 0.

On Wednesday though, he confirmed his good form qualifying for the Kung Fu Cup beating the favorite, Snute.


sc2_lilbow_marinelord_gh_fevrier_2015_2_hdMarineLorD reminding Lilbow who’s the boss.


We can only hope that our players will keep on showing such great results. You can support them on Twitter: @LilbowSC and @M_MarineLorD. Also don’t forget @ForGG1 who qualified for the WCS round of 16 last Sunday.


Nepou and Boleslas

If you want to learn more about the players, you can visit the StarCraft II team section.


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