ForGG top player in Europe

ForGG top player in Europe

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The Korean Terran player has been living in europe for two years and is clearly a leader on the continent.

DreamHack Stockholm in 2014 showed a very high level with players from KeSPA, such as herO, Classic,  Solar or Soo. Our Terran player ForGG would therefore have to show a huge level to get far in the tournament. Starting at the second group stage, ForGG had no time to lose and reached the third group stage without losing a game, crushing aGaham and then HuK.

Placed in a high level group, with Sacsri, Golden and the local player MorroW, the Millenium player started the 3rd group stage with a 2-0 victory against MorroW. The second game was more complicated, with a 2-0 defeat to Sacsri. In the decisive match, ForGG won 2-1 against MorroW and reached the final bracket.




Placed in the half of the bracket with soO, one of the best players in the world, ForGG began with his favorite match-up : TvT. Although his opponent was Polt, the Korean player living in the United States and also a specialist of TvT, the “French” Terran crushed his opponent 2-0. In the quarterfinals stood another Terran, with an equally good reputation, MMA. And again, the Millenium player showed his science of TvT which made wonders as he crushed MMA 2-0, thereby reaching the semi-finals. However, at this stage of the competition he would face a player regarded by many as the best Zerg in the world : soO. Despite the heroic resistance of our player, he bowed 2-0.

ForGG therefore managed a superb performance in this DreamHack, ending up in the Top four of the competition along with 3 KeSPA players, thereby reminding us of his status of top player in Europe. This achievement opens him the doors of the DreamHack Winter at the end of November, which brings together the best players from different competitions of the DreamHack circuit.




In addition to these outstanding results, ForGG is a regular participant in Premier League of WCS Europe, where he regularly manages notable performances, reaching the final bracket almost every time. Thus, during the last season, the Millenium player finished first in both stage groups before joining the Round of 8 facing MMA whom he had just beaten in Stockholm. But unfortunately this time, the Acer’s player’s got the advantage and eliminated ForGG from the tournament. JiSu’s performance, however, ranks him in the eight best European players. The previous seasons of WCS had even seen ForGG reach the semi-finals.

The last top 4 of ForGG at DreamHack Stockholm allowed him to be invited to DreamHack Winter,  final step of the circuit. It gathers all semi-finalists of the previous five DreamHack tournaments. ForGG will be in company of the best players of the circuit, against legendary players like TaeJa, Life or MC. Only four out of the twenty competitors are based in Europe. ForGG’s performances throughtout the year definitely place him as a top European player.



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