Busy weekend for Maverick

Busy weekend for Maverick

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This weekend, Maverick will participate in the second edition of SCAN Hearthstone Invitational but also in StarLadder.


After qualifying for SCAN Hearthstone Invitational few weeks ago in realizing the best performance of the qualification, the time has come for Maverick to face the final bracket. As a first step, the purple colored player will be up against Neirea, representing Team Liquid.


Maverick_Millstone_GenèveMaverick during Millstone Geneve


The schedule will be overloaded for Maverick who is also involved in the StarLadder World qualification. Defeating Powder 3-0, he is from now on confronted to the American player, Zalae. There is no doubt about how much he will invest in order to triumph during these both tournaments.


If you want to learn more about the players, you can visit the Hearthstone team section.

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