BestMarmotte Top 1 to the EU Ladder

BestMarmotte Top 1 to the EU Ladder

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After getting close to the first position several times, this is finally the case for BestMarmotte.


Tuesday night was his moment as the Top 1 to the European Ladder. But that dear place is not available for long. For all that, BestMarmotte counts on enjoying it and reattempting his chance. Being among the best players of the Ladder, BestMarmotte makes his ambitions a reality thanks to this European Top 1.


MarmotteBestMarmotte, Team Captain of Millenium Hearthstone on Passage Rank 1 EU

Obviously extremely proud of my performance, because it’s been few seasons that I use to reach the Top 10 (Top 5 in February, Top 2 in March, Top 5 and 6 in April and May) but without touching the Grail ! It’s finally done since yesterday even if it’s for a short moment, because the player who was Rank 1 before me directly tried his chance to get back his title. Concerning my play-style, it’s a Combo Druid which is actually classic (closely the same list which I used at Gamers Assembly this year) and stays efficient owing to the immobilization of the meta since 3-4 months from now.


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